Let's Work Together to Make Our Community Stronger

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Forward Thinking.
For Today.

This campaign is centered around building a sustainable, thriving Chatham County of the future, today! And by supporting strong, local communities and following sustainable, green-growth development practices, we will lay the groundwork for all our children to thrive!

In harmony with Nature

We believe that every hardworking family deserves a healthy environment to live in, with clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and green spaces to play and work. 

For Important Priorities

Our decisions impact all people, big and small. We believe strong partnerships with local businesses that work in concert with our values, will secure our economy and our children’s future.

Stand with Our
Campaign for
Working Families

Did you know that many families who work in Chatham can't afford to live in Chatham? Want to learn more?

Take Charge of Our Future

Let’s take ownership of our future. In this changing climate – both politically and environmentally – I believe we need to do everything in our power to take charge of our future. It starts today. We must be brave. We must be bold. Please join us!