I’ve listened to you.
And now I pledge to you.
I pledge to work daily on these issues
Chatham County now faces.
I’ll continue to welcome your insights,
because we can only aspire
to these future goals

by working together.


Create the Jobs We Want.

Like you, I believe in developing strong partnerships with local businesses that work in concert with our values in order to secure both our economy and our children’s future. Encouraging big and small businesses, of diverse ownership, that share our interests helps ensure protections for the things that matter to all of us, particularly Chatham County’s natural spaces and our long established character. We have job opportunities with two megasites underway – Vinfast and Wolfspeed – and I will coordinate with my fellow commissioners and our community college to ensure we have a trained, local workforce to support these businesses. Together, let’s commit to employ and support our local population rather than those outside of Chatham – one of the fastest growing counties in the state.

Protect Our Natural Resources.

Let’s be honest – Chatham’s natural resources are perhaps one of our greatest strengths. Many Chatham residents know me already from the work I’ve done to protect the environment, to protect our natural resources, and to slow the impacts of climate change. Climate change is real and it is a huge threat to our county in so many ways. To our food. To our health. To our security. To our water. To our supply chain. To our homes. I will encourage green space preservation, identify a path to net zero development, and work with our community to create public and private partnerships and establish realistic goals in preparing for climate change and its impact on our citizenry.

Support Working Families.

Chatham County is one of the most expensive counties to live in in North Carolina. We must prioritize generating job opportunities that allow citizens to work AND live in Chatham. Protecting our delicate watersheds for safe drinking water and ensuring viable wastewater treatment solutions throughout Chatham County are another factor to protect our working families. Law enforcement infrastructure is key – and seeking active, direct solutions to the mental health crises that are present among our youth is something I will always support. I firmly believe that the county has a role to play in supporting and expanding the existing collaborations the county shares with the many respected citizens groups and nonprofits that call Chatham home.

Increase Affordable Housing.

If we are to support working families in Chatham County, it’s crucial we have an ambitious strategic plan for affordable housing. As a current member of Chatham’s Planning Board, I’ve seen first-hand how the county’s rapid growth has the potential to squeeze middle to lower income families out of the housing market, and I’ve been witness to the hard work of the planning board and staff as they ask the tough questions of developers to ensure this doesn’t happen. I’ll strive with our current county commissioners to ensure we continue to set access to reasonable housing costs as a county priority.

Develop Sustainably.

As a member of the county’s Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and Climate Change Advisory Committee, I’ve worked with others to create a visionary approach that will guide Chatham’s future journey to smart growth while honoring the delicate balance of the many varied interests here in Chatham. Our large farms and vibrant organic farmers, the county’s small and large businesses, and individual citizens, all have a role to play in generating the imminent sustainable energy and green growth policy we need. These options figure among many factors in the legacy we will leave for the county’s future generations now being nurtured in our county’s schools. 

Support Schools to Continue Excellence in Education.

I pledge to support the excellent work of our current school board in the immense financial and logistical headwinds our schools face in these times. It is essential that we retain the strong and healthy partnership that exists between our current county commissioners and Chatham County’s Schools. Our educators and administrators face immense pressures to establish a safe and vibrant learning environment for our students. They need our support, not our blame. Greater access for post-secondary opportunities (such as ensuring and enhancing Chatham Promise) is a crucial priority.

Create Equality for Everyone.

It’s not an exaggeration to note that we live in difficult times where racial, socio-economic and personal identity divides are exacerbated by heated rhetoric currently entrenched in our society. My hope is that by strengthening our communities we will foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive welcome to all. This will also encourage a strong economy, and perhaps most of all, it’s the right and moral thing to do.

There are many more issues in our county than those listed here. If something is important to you I’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to me via email at Thank you!